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Hey locals! What are the top 10 things to do in Hue?

Hello, I am a local guide in Hue city. Dreamy Hue, a small city in central of Vietnam, gets everyone falling in love with its nostalgic scenery and lifestyle. You come once and you’d never want to leave. In the post below, I would like to share to you the top 10 things to do in Hue you need to experience when traveling to here.

Let’s get started!

Check-in at Truong Tien bridge over the Huong river

Absolutely! No matter how you come to Hue, or what you see at the first place, the fact that you have not checked in at the Truong Tien Bridge, you probably cannot be considered that you have set foot on Hue city.

This is a place that can be considered as the soul of this small and lovely city. If you are planning a trip to Hue, please search for some photos on the internet to find yourself a nice corner to check in.

One more tip for you, if you really want an impressive photo when you check-in here, you should prepare (buy or rent) a conical hat and the ao dai (traditional costume of Vietnam) with you. You can wear those things to check-in anywhere in Vietnam, but Hue is one of the best places.

Visiting Hue Imperial Citadel – the best experience you could get when traveling to here

Hue Imperial Citadel is one of the most important parts that create the beauty of this place.

In every important holiday during the year, the people of Hue always want to visit it with their families and friends. The children are so excited to explore this historical place and make it a big playground. No matter how many times you visit here, you’d never get bored because there’re always some new things to discover every time.

If you come here and miss the chance to see it, this could be your biggest mistake you would never want.

Visiting Thien Mu pagoda

If you are not one of the spiritual tourists, then choosing Thien Mu Pagoda among the dozens of pagodas and temples in Hue city to experience when traveling here is a quite reasonable choice. .

Why? Because not only is the most famous pagoda in the ancient capital of Hue, Thien Mu Pagoda also brings with you a poetic scenery that makes you dumbfounded when you visit.

Even many young people traveling to Hue will also go up to the Huong River to taste their trips a little special. You will get more photos to live your “virtual life” to “real life”.

Nhiều bạn trẻ du lịch Huế cũng sẽ đều ngược lên dòng Hương để nêm nếm cho chuyến đi một chút vị đặc biệt. Bạn sẽ có thêm nhiều bức hình từ “sống ảo” đến “sống thực”. Khá là thú vị khi Thổ địa Huế muốn bạn đừng quên bỏ qua điều nên làm này khi du lịch Huế. 

Going to Dong Ba market

After visiting the poetic scenery of the temples of Hue or historical places like Imperial citadel, another experience we would like to recommend to you is to visit Dong Ba market.

Whatever you want to eat or buy, you just need to explore this place. Because if you don’t set foot in Dong Ba market, have never tried to “bid” when shopping here, then maybe your trip to Hue may not be complete.

As a place that provides the people of Hue with full of supply of goods, Dong Ba market is also a place that shows the typical cultural features of Hue. So don’t forget to save this experience right away.

Visit Dong Ba Market is the best things to do in Hue

Discovering the food of Hue

Vietnamese food culture is one of the most famous cultures in the world, and in Vietnam, Hue stands out from all other cities. You can stay here for a week long and every each of your meal can be a different plate.

The morning starts with a bow of Bun Bo Hue (noodle soup with beef), a bow of Com Hen (bow of rice with tiny mussel) for lunch and dinner with a traditional family meal with rice, a kind of vegetable soup, a disk of braised fish/pork and stir-fried vegetable, …etc. You can finish the day with late night foods such as: Banh Mi at Truong Tien Bridge or 20 kinds of Hue traditional sweet dessert/soup…

Those are just some of typical examples for you to know that there are so many kinds of food you need to try when you are here.

Taking a walk along “The walking street” and Hue Iron-wood bridge”

Street lights on, dress up, pals!

This “peaceful city” gets crowed the most when the night comes. And if you want to enjoy this, “the walking street” or “the iron-wood bridge” is the best place for you.

Located on one side of the Huong river banks, these 2 places can give you the best feeling of this dreamy city.

Sightseeing the Nguyen dynasty’s tombs

It would be remiss to set foot in Hue and then neglect to explore the majestic tombs of the Nguyen kings.

Why do you need to experience these when traveling to Hue? Because if you do not go to at least one of the tombs, you would never realize how majestic the Nguyen dynasty is.

The architecture of the mausoleum will surprise you with its variety of architectonic style in a large-scale background.


Visiting and checking in Quoc Hoc Hue High School

One of the top 10 things to do is going to the Quoc Hoc Hue High School – the birthplace of many talents for the country and a long-history school.

A picture in front of the school in the ao dai and a conical hat or a walk in this school campus, you will feel the calming atmosphere and gentle beauty, which make it becoming the most iconic school in Vietnam.

Riding bicycle around Vy Da hamlet

Why aren’t you back to Vy hamlet,

To watch the sun rising over areca trees…”

The beauty of Vy Da hamlet was express in the iconic poem of Han Mac Tu poet “Here is Vy Da hamlet”

Maybe the development of the city changes the hamlet a lot, but the peaceful and poetic scenery is still here. Get a bicycle and ride around, you will never forget this experience.

Exploring Hai Van Pass – the experience cannot be missed

And the last experience, I want to share with you, do not forget to conquer the Hai Van Pass at least once to see how majestic nature is.

This pass is one of the most beautiful and dangerous mountain routes in Vietnam. Coming to Hai Van Pass, you will experience the feeling of catching the clouds and the wind and sightseeing the beautiful natural scenery.

Here are the top 10 things to do in Hue city when you travel to Hue city as a local I want to share with all of you. For more detailed Hue traveling experience from A to Z, don’t forget the series “Hey Locals! …” on


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