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Hey Locals! How to get from Ha Giang to Sapa – latest update 2019

I am Tony, the founder of, my biggest passion is travel, and I have set foot on every province in the country. If you want to travel to Sapa and do not have a private vehicles like motorbike, you have to travel by bus since there is no railway to Sapa from Ha Giang yet. In this article, I will help you find suitable bus to travel from Ha Giang to Sapa.

Which bus Ha Giang – Sapa should I take?
Which bus should I take to get to Sapa from Ha Giang province?

How far is Sapa from Ha Giang?

Sapa is about 276km from Ha Giang
Sapa is about 276km from Ha Giang

Sapa is 276 km from Ha Giang. It takes you about 7-8 hours of traveling by bus depending on the weather condition. It takes you about 10 hours traveling by motorbike. Sapa is a town in Sa Pa district, Lao Cai province, Vietnam. Located in the northwest of the country, Sapa is a miracle land of beautiful natural landscapes and friendly local people. The town in the clouds attracts tourists with majestic mountain views and many unique experiences of exploring the lives of ethnic minorities.

Traveling to Sapa from Ha Giang by motorbike/car

If you have a private car, then you can drive it directly to Sapa. Unlike bus, you can stop by and admire beautiful sceneries along the way if you drive your car. The second option is to travel to Sapa by motorbike. However, since the two provinces are quite far from each other, we don’t suggest you to ride a motorbike. You can take a bus to Sapa and then rent a motorbike there.

Traveling to Sapa by bus:

Below is the bus list we recommend:

Part of the day Departure time Bus brand Type Price Phone number
In Ha Giang In Sapa
Morning 08:05 08:05 Quang Tuyến Seater bus 200.000 vnđ 0979 554 888
10:00 10:00 Trung Bắc Seater bus 200.000 vnđ 0965 031 999 (Đức Thủy) ; 0961 580 088
10:00 10:00 Cường Thịnh Sleeper bus 250.000 vnđ 0961 584 848
0961 580 088
08:30 08:30 Quang Tuyến Sleeper bus 250. 000 vnđ 0979 554 888
Night 21:30 Cường Thịnh Sleeper bus 250. 000 vnđ 0961 584 848
0961 580 088
If you need further support in booking bus tickets  and travel advice from Travel advisor, call the hotline: 0936 345 111

Timetable for bus during the day and vice versa

Book tickets for bus from Ha Giang to Sapa

Buy tickets directly

You can choose to buy bus tickets via the Travel advisor’s office (Tho Dia Travel) in Ha Giang. Address: No. 1 Nguyen Thai Hoc – Ha Giang Backpackers. Phone number: 0936 345 111

Buy tickets online

Currently you can book online tickets easily via and and, but since the bus route is mountainous, there might not be bus tickets available online.


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